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"Una pluma de gorrión"

La pluma puede tener un significado, como invocar las cualidades místicas del aire: el intelecto, la voluntad, la comunicación, la respiración, y el alma o el espíritu.

Por ello, lo dedico a todos mis seguidores: por su reblogueo, por sus notas, por sus comentarios… y sobre todo, por ser auténticos seguidores.

"A feather sparrow" 

The pen may have a meaning, like invoking the mystical qualities of the air: the intellect, the will, communication, breathing, and the soul or spirit. 

Therefore, I dedicate this to all my followers for their Reblogged for your notes, comments … and above all, for being true followers.

Gracias a: pipe-man, matthewspebbles, suziinao, solidao-e-livros, kathabosse, bangbang365, youfound-me, bdesannorat, tumblerete, ciscandocinza, cjteona, bookporn, quienesesachica, mundocaco, roncatti, tonyherzog, une-valse-pour-rien, antoniojimenez-ruiz, autonomy1, apinkmidnight, alatein, bebitadecolor, burtontracks, cicciola, carmenalt, depacofotografias, dharmatv2, elusive-wow, gaetanopezzella, glitterphilosophy, guillaumefav, heterotopian, icaterinafan, ilovephootoograaphyy, jeanmariethings,@johbeil, jeminafredriika, judith-andreu, jujodaso, lemetequematthewandhiscamera, nanve, neilwykes, oitocha, oscarferret, pupsik11, pocketdayspourple, philopenshaw, quismondo, ratz4fatz, rachelminshull, ryuyatachikawa, redchronicles, ratelet-james, rosalba21, rosemarien, soniabicker, seabluecranes, safori, superfreakbaba, stephiramona, starcrow-collage, toloparra, tomochika0122, the-hulot-universe, themazette, unbunt, verakoh, vampire-carmen, wosch

Y a todos los que haya podido olvidar, perdonad: es imposible seguir a tantos, y tantos amigos sin olvidar alguno.

And to all those who may have forgotten, sorry: it is impossible to follow many, many friends and not forgetting some.

Thank you. - And by the way, what does "qasfd" stand for? Is it a Spanish or an English abbreviation? Or just a made-up from you? Have a nice Day, Su-zii

Asked by suziinao

Thanks for your interest. I was hoping someone would ask me about “qasfd”. It really does not mean “nothing”; Untitled is like something without fit anywhere … It’s what you want it to mean …!



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